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How to improve the mental health of the nation

The United States has experienced 40 year growing epidemic of anxiety and depression.

We have seen an epidemic of Autistic Spectrum Disorders that has gone on for at least 20 years. Those people are now young adults. We have no idea what they will be like as adults.

We have thousands of returning veterans from two wars, many of whom have PTS or secondary trauma. The dirty secret is that many young people enter the armed forces already compromised. That is why they go in. I know. I have treated many of them.

The divorce epidemic started in the 1970’s and damaged millions of children who are middle aged adults and younger today.

Our black communities are in a state of anomie and that pathology is spilling.

We are further damaging the mental health pool by importing millions of poor people with less resilience, and many from war torn countries.

60% of Americans are popping one pill or another, 1 in 10 take an antidepressant. 1 in 4 women over 45 is taking an antidepressant. Opioid abuse is epidemic. Pot use is way up.

Americans are over-weight and unhealthy physically. Unhealthy people are at a far greater risk of developing mental health problems.

 1 in 10 gamers is addicted to video games. They cannot function in society.

Pornography abuse is epidemic as 50% of men now report watching pornography regularly on the internet. One third of pornography viewers are women. Pornography overstimulates dopamine receptors thus destroying the potential for healthy sexual activity and increasing the incidence of depression and anxiety in abusers.

Given their lack of trust in their fellow citizens and the government, many Americans are sequestering themselves into enclaves and buying guns and ammunition. This situation creates fertile ground for isolation among people who understandably do not trust anything they hear or see.

The mainstream media no longer reflects what people believe. They have their own agenda.

Social media oligarchs are determining what is allowed to be said and believed.

An American version of the Chinese Red Guard has taken control of the cultural narratives.

These developments have created social mistrust and loss of control.

We are in a mental health disaster.

This is my common sense plan to reclaim the mental health of the American Community:

We need to apply common sense mental health analysis to all conditions and reject political correctness.

We need to reject Marxist Critical Theory and all of its incarnations.

We need to reclaim the health and mental health benefits of “whiteness” and stop surrendering to anti-white psychological warfare.

We need to implement positive psychology mental health promotion approaches starting in childcare and at every facet of community life. It is easy. It is not psychobabble. It is inexpensive and it works.

We need massive reductions in immigration and H1B1 visas. Our communities cannot manage the mental health needs and the costs incurred of so many new people.

We should dramatically overhaul the community mental health and VA systems, eliminating the psycho-social assessment, treatment planning, and discharge planning monstrosities. They add no value, they destroy productivity, and they burn out providers.

We need to end the reliance on psychiatrists because the value they are adding is not worth the cost. Many other common sense reforms should be done. The mental health system is a dinosaur. It is time for a revolution in community mental health.

All professional counseling services should be pushed down ladder from psychiatrists and psychologists, which are very expensive to masters level providers and in some cases lower. The goal should be that every person can have access to affordable psychotherapy from an effective psychotherapist.

We need real researchers to shine the light on the pharmaceutical scandal so that we can move people to non medical remedies for mental health conditions.

We need to adopt the Finland psycho-social supports model, which commences when a person is first diagnosed with a serious mental health condition. It is working well there.

We need a grass roots positive person development, nationwide initiative to combat the negative effects of entertainment, drug abuse, sports addiction, gambling, smoking, overeating, commercialism, video gaming, and internet abuse. The movement would promote and encourage healthy lifestyles. It would cost nothing.

Finally we need to attend to the spiritual needs of Americans by strengthening religious institutions and humanistic institutions like arts organizations and community groups that also provide meaning and purpose. We need to demand that churches and secular organizations abandon their divisive social justice creeds and work for all Americans.

This is how we will rebuild the mental health of America.

Guest Sermon by Brandon Smith February 5, 2021

Organized refusal to comply

The problem with conservatives is that we tend to be so independent that we avoid organization. This is a problem because it leads to self-isolation. During the pandemic lockdowns in blue states, some conservative-owned businesses refused to comply, but they were left mostly to fend for themselves with no aid from the wider community. If more businesses were to ally with each other and protested in tandem, dozens or hundreds of defiant businesses working together would be a lot harder to shut down than just a few.

By extension, it’s not enough for conservatives to merely argue against the lockdowns and demand businesses stay open, we need to also defend those businesses that take action. We need to support them with our dollars and stand in the way of anyone trying to close them down. They are taking a big risk for us, so we need to be willing to take risks for them.

Imagine if Biden tried to assert a national lockdown order and more than half the businesses in the country ignored him? What if patrons refused to allow federal agencies to intimidate those businesses? The lockdowns would be nullified, and Biden would have little recourse.

Establish barter networks

In the event that the U.S. economy breaks down completely, we must create contingencies to prevent total trade disruption. Without trade, populations become desperate because no one has the ability to provide every necessity all the time. People have to be able to barter goods and services in an open market.

Barter networks are a base fundamental, the universal go-to solution during economic collapse. Every society in modern history has used barter markets to stay afloat during financial crisis and to bypass government economic controls. We must be willing to do the same.

Conservatives must start organizing barter networks within their communities now. It does not matter if you are trading with a couple of people or hundreds; the process needs to start somewhere.

Why is this so important? Because there is a very good chance that the federal government will try to fiscally punish any state or county that opposes lockdown measures and Reset policies. This means that the government will first seek to cut off federal funding to red states. In the midst of economic crisis, many regions have become reliant on federal stimulus as a crutch, and this dependency makes them vulnerable to control.

To truly rebel against the Reset, local economies need to be free from federal oversight or consequences. With barter networks in place along with possible local scrip and alternative currencies, the public will be less fearful of economic retaliation.

Take back management of local resources

We have already seen attempts by Biden to disrupt production of carbon based energy resources like oil and coal. Frankly, the time is long past due for states and counties to take back control of federal lands. The government has been stifling American production for decades and this has hurt rural communities in particular.

In my area, the EPA has essentially destroyed the timber harvesting industry through unfair regulations. This has led to federal mismanagement of forests to the point that fire hazard has become a major issue. All the young men in the county used work as lumberjacks to support their families; now they have to leave, or work as wildland firefighters. It’s completely backwards. And this is happening while U.S. lumber prices are skyrocketing.

Conservative counties and states need to take back land and resource management and allow reasonable production to return. Biden should have no say in whether or not oil wells in North Dakota stay operational, or coal mines in West Virginia stay open, or trees Montana are selectively harvested. As long as the bulk of wealth from the resource production stays within the state where the resources were harvested, I see no downside to this kind of response.

If the federal government tries to retaliate by cutting off federal funds, it won’t matter because the states will be producing jobs and wealth for themselves independently.

Immunity from cancel culture

In our current political environment, it is becoming a fact of life that the hard left can and will try to harm people that oppose their ideology. Big tech companies and government are helping them to do this. Now more than ever, conservatives that wish to remain free to voice their views and share facts that are contrary to the leftist narrative must seek protection from cancellation. But how do we do this?

For one, we can work for ourselves. Being self employed means never having to worry about being fired because of your political opinions. Or, conservatives need to work for conservatives. This means conservative companies need to focus on hiring conservative employees, and if the leftist mob tries to attack an individual, those companies can easily ignore them. Of course, this also means that conservative consumers need to start making a list of conservative companies that have proven themselves to be immune to leftist pressure. We need to support these companies.

Conservatives should also look into the possibility of campaigns to build more platform alternatives to Big Tech and social media. We need more web service providers that are owned by people who respect free speech rights. We may even need our own internet.

All of these things are possible, but it takes organization and effort. Conservative communities can become safe havens for civil liberties, but this means we cannot be isolated from each other anymore. We have to be connected by more than our principles, we must also be connected through actions.

Brandon Smith has been an alternative economic and geopolitical analyst since 2006 and is the founder of

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