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Educational Seminar

I do not Participate – Building the Reactionary Retroculture

In revision for online viewing. Stay-tuned.

This is a presentation about cultural secession. Join us to learn what cultural secession is and why this radical course of action may unfortunately be necessary to rebuild our deteriorating civilization that is based on corruption and lies.

Our nation has been under constant psychological warfare from antisocial subversives for over five decades, which has resulted in societal devolution. Active resistance to these malevolent global forces, and a renewed sense of empowerment is necessary to rebuild our communities.

Come to learn about the threat of global totalitarianism and how our church is positioned to be a local gathering place for fighting the forces of darkness at home and abroad.

All people who wish to participate in the resistance are invited. No obligation is required. We have a special reverence for COVID Realists, and especially those that resisted the MRNA jab, or who were forced to take it and now regret their decision.


Cultural Secession: A willful attitude in opposition to the dominant narratives of liberalism.

Traditional Understandings: The social truths that emerge from natural laws.

Common Sense: The transcendent knowledge one gains from observing how people successfully consent to the laws of nature.

The Good Life: A way of life based on natural laws, evolutionary acceptance, and common sense that fosters health, happiness, and well-functioning communities.

Reactionary Retroculture: A recreation of the past and the good things it had to offer.

Authoritative Communities: Hight trust, homogenous societies in which rules and roles are clear and the developmental landscape is working.

Anti-Woke Agenda: A complete rejection of the Cultural Marxist orthodoxy that has dominated popular understandings since the 1960’s cultural revolution.

Anti-Globalist Alliance: An emerging international coalition of authentic Christian and nationalist leaders who are doing battle with homogenous globalism in its repressive forms.

Living a Good life Church Inc. is registered as a religious nonprofit corporation in the State of Idaho, and is therefore considered tax-exempt under section 501 (c) 3.

Donations may be sent by check to Living a Good Life Church, 6 Elm Street #931 Bridgton, ME 04009.

Members of Living a Good Life Church do not engage in political activities as part of their official capacity as church members. Members speak for themselves as individuals.

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