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Become an affiliate or make a donation

We are moving prudently.

Affiliates participate with Living a Good Life Church by making a $50.00 yearly donation. There is one donation per family.

Affiliates can participate in the weekly online Living a Good Life Support Group that is facilitated by Rev Kev. When we get a critical mass of our people in Western Maine the group will shift to in-person meetings. We believe the group will add value by helping affiliates negotiate the challenging non-participation process with supportive friends while seeking healthier, happier, and holier activities.

We are also happy to receive donations of any amount from supporters.

Donations help Rev Kev energize and organize.

Please fill out the contact form indicating that you would like to affiliate.

You may use this secure online form to send a donation by credit card.

Donations can be sent by check made out to Living a Good Life Church, and mailed to C/O Kevin Kervick 6 Elm Street #931, Bridgton, ME 04009.

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