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Lifestyle Recommendations

These recommendations will optimize your body and spirit against the potential damage from the COVID 19 MRNA Bioweapon Countermeasures.

There are some promising new natural supplements that may protect you from the COVID 19 jab toxins. We will keep you informed as we learn more about those remedies. For now, the best we can do is to adopt maximally healthy lifestyles in order to build resilience from whatever attacks our bodies.

The health of the United States of America is abysmal. Our healthcare system is broken. In the United States, we spend twice as much per capita on healthcare than every other developed country and get far worse results. Seventy-five percent of all insurance claims come from lifestyle-based chronic conditions. Eight percent of people in any health plan account for eighty percent of the costs in that plan.

These are our best lifestyle recommendations. We love everyone and we want you to remain healthy.

  1. Achieve your optimal weight. Eat for health not for pleasure. Limit going out to eat. Think about what you need to put into your body every day, not what you need to avoid. Do not diet. If you have an eating disorder get psychological treatment.
  2. Must Eat Foods (not all-inclusive): Carrots, sweet potatoes, leafy green vegetables, whole grains (bread, pasta, rice, quinoa, buckwheat), olive oil, all foods with low calories and high fiber, lean meat if one eats meat, salmon, apples for Quercetin, no more than 8oz of orange juice per day, two daily cups of coffee.
  3. Never Eat Foods: Sucrose, processed bag snacks, white flour products, processed jellies, fatty meats, Tilapia, seed oils, saturated fats, excess salt, bad (macro) beer, fruity drinks, energy drinks, margarine, soda (pop).
  4. Eat small portions so you never feel bloated. Stop before you are full.
  5. East slowly. Put utensils down between bites.
  6. Chew your food extremely well. Big chunks cause digestive problems.
  7. Rest briefly after eating, then get upright to aid digestion.
  8. Do not eat two hours before bedtime.
  9. Extend the time between your last meal and your first meal of the day – when you “break” your “fast”. 
  10. Never drink ice cold beverages. They shock the esophagus.
  11. Avoid all restaurant buffets.
  12. Do not shop at convenience stores.
  13. Get moderate vigorous exercise at least five days per week. Avoid extreme exertion.
  14. Lift weights or do resistance training for muscle tone. Do physical labor at least five days per week.
  15. Incorporate a stretching routine and some Yoga every morning.
  16. Use proper back hygiene when lifting.
  17. Daily Vitamin D – Check your levels. Most people are very low. Dose will vary.
  18. Daily Vitamin K2 – Increases absorption of Vitamin D.
  19. Daily Zinc – Protects your cells from disease.
  20. Ask your doctor about Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine as prophylaxes.
  21. Take psyllium fiber or another natural bulk supplement daily.
  22. Manage your diet and routine to ensure a daily bowel movement.
  23. Ask your doctor how to stop SSRI and other psychotropic medications safely. Everything else on this list treats depression and anxiety.
  24. If you develop clinical depression or anxiety, get psychotherapy immediately. Both conditions increase your risk of developing physical illnesses.
  25. Walk constantly.
  26. Get lots of sunlight every day.
  27. Avoid sitting or lying around.
  28. Watch minimal television (we eat more when we watch, news intentionally makes us fearful so we will buy more things, we are blasted with consumerism, we are propagandized to follow destructive dominant narratives).
  29. Get rid of your smartphone or use it sparingly. It is a spying and tracking device that emits dangerous radiation.
  30. Be very selective about the entertainment you consume.
  31. Listen to intelligent and uplifting music only.
  32. No gambling.
  33. No video games.
  34. No pornography. No masturbation.
  35. Avoid other vices.
  36. Sleep the same schedule every day (even on days off). Optimal bedtime is 9:30pm, arise at 5:30. Avoid shift work but if you can’t, ensure you get at least seven hours of sleep every day.
  37. Get into nature constantly. Seek out mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans, forests.
  38. Enjoy wildlife.
  39. Do not obsess about pets. They are not people. Enjoy other people instead.
  40. Do not smoke cigarettes or marijuana.
  41. If you drink alcohol, have less than two glasses of wine or high ABV beer per day.
  42. Do what you need to do to keep your stress under control. This is not optional.
  43. Find a way to achieve a positive attitude. This is not optional.
  44. Seek out positive people.
  45. Avoid negative people to the extent you can.
  46. Find positive spirituality that reinforces healthy decisions.
  47. Pray or meditate daily.
  48. Practice gratitude.
  49. Practice forgiveness.
  50. Do something meaningful every day.
  51. Find a sense of purpose.
  52. Do fun things every day.
  53. Engage in a healthy sexual life with a committed partner.
  54. Avoid a materialistic value orientation.
  55. Practice minimalism.
  56. Satisfice (Be satisfied with good enough).
  57. Practice daily habits to free your brain for spirituality and other meaningful things.

If you live this way you give yourself the best chance to be happy, healthy, and holy.

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