Living a Good Life (Common Sense Support Group)

This is a support group for men and women who are attempting to lead healthy and fulfilling lives during these stressful times. Anxiety, depression, and marital issues can be symptoms of incongruence between one’s actual day to day existence and one’s preferred way of being. Additionally, the toxic entertainment and social media environment and political culture are making Americans sick. Men and women need to return to the basics of loving well, working hard, being in nature, and being good people in order to be healthy and fulfilled. That may mean we need to shield ourselves from toxic societal influences and intentionally pursue wholesome things.

This group will be a safe place for Covid Realists and other reactionaries who wish to find community with others who are resisting the growing totalitarian Leftist impulse on many fronts.

Doing Battle with Screen Time Addiction 

For Parents with children aged 13 to 18. 

Screen time excess is a public health emergency. Health professionals are increasingly pointing to the risks posed by over-exposure to video games, text, and social media. The excess is contributing to increases in depression and anxiety, concentration problems, vision problems, sleeplessness, bullying, and poor school performance. Teens are struggling. Parents are overwhelmed. Many parents believe they are losing the battle for moderation because screen time excess has become normative in our unhealthy social climate.

Our plan is to create a local resource for parents, so that we can be strong in the face of this challenge and contribute to the national dialogue about this public health crisis.

Living a Good Life – Young Men’s Edition

This is a support group for young men from 18-26 years-old who are trying to figure it out. How do I launch my adult life in a way that taps my creative and industrial potential as a man? How do I make good decisions? How do I resist unproductive temptations like video games, pot, or pornography? How do I build successful relationships with women? This group will help young men get on track and find their momentum.

Support Group for Reactionary Psychotherapists

This group is open to all psychotherapists. The focus will be empowering straight, white men and women and our allies (SWMWA) to promote sound clinical practice, truth, and common sense in the counseling space. In order to do so we must be able to defend our right to exist.

This group is forming out of necessity because the situation in our profession is rapidly deteriorating. Far Left radicals in our profession have made their intentions clear. They are imposing their false beliefs on all of us. They are harming clients with those false beliefs. They are marginalizing our voices and cancelling us in the public square. We are losing our livelihoods. They want us out of their way so nobody can stop them. Because of their aggression against us, we can no longer expect things will return to normal without active resistance.

This group is designed to be a safe space for psychotherapists and students who want to talk about the issues that are important to straight white people with traditional values and lifestyles in an era in which there is much hostility directed toward our group and our beliefs. We believe it is no longer enough to be for free speech and liberal values. We believe we must fight for traditional culture as a group of confident heterosexual white men and women and our allies from other groups because the woke adversaries on the Left are advancing on the counseling space as a powerful, unified army.

The group will provide respite and encouragement for professionals who are under siege in their work environments.

There will be an emphasis in the group on how we can employ our own psychological warfare in the culture war to match the aggressive woke propaganda machine.

It is our hope that this support group will lead to the creation of a new reactionary professional association for psychotherapists. Click on the embedded link to learn more about our philosophy and beliefs. We hope to create a Positive Disruptors Conference for reactionary psychotherapists and friends from other professions.

The group meets on Microsoft Teams every Tuesday from 1400 to 1600 EST. There is a corresponding email listserv for discussion. Both groups are invitation only. If you are interested in joining the support group after reading the description above, contact us to tell us who you are and why you wish to join the group.

Use this link to join the group:

This is a non-sectarian group. Everyone who shares our beliefs is welcome.

Language: English

Fee: None

Contact: Old School Counselor to join the group.

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