Community Counseling Program

This service is designed for people who identify as culturally conservative and would rather not work with liberal counselors who may not relate to this orientation or may even discriminate against them. Many of our participants have had prior negative experiences with liberal counselors.

Our community counselors are different than many other contemporary counselors because we tend to be more traditional in the way we evaluate problems of living. We see healthy and unhealthy behaviors and work with people to achieve health. We see functional and dysfunctional patterns and work with people to engage in functional behaviors. We encourage responsible and ethical living based on common sense.

Although we are not dogmatic, some might view our counseling as spiritual guidance. We see one’s Christian faith as a strength that typically makes a person happier and more successful. We are not hostile to whiteness as some counselors are. We believe ethnic pride is normal and healthy.

Prospective participants should know that state of the art research, common sense, and our formal doctrine inform our counseling.

Our services are available to all people, regardless of their ability to pay. We accept donations from clients and third parties in lieu of formal session fees.

Contact us by email to inquire about our services.

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