Common Sense Guidance Program

This service is designed for people who identify as culturally conservative or simply not in the mainstream and would rather not work with mainstream counselors who may not relate to this orientation or may even discriminate against them.

Many of our participants have had prior negative experiences with mainstream counselors, especially during this era in which Covid 19 Realists are experiencing discrimination and marginalization for their beliefs and their behaviors. We welcome people who believe the MRNA treatments are ineffective or harmful, and therefore have exercised their freedom to resist medical treatment. We also welcome people who have taken the treatment(s) and suffered injury.

We also offer guidance for people who are recovering from Covid Mass Formation.

We label our method Common-Sense Guidance to contrast it with psychotherapy or professional (clinical) counseling. This is not a mental health treatment. We do not do formal assessments, treatment plans, or assign a medical diagnosis. If we uncover mental health needs in our discussions with you we will refer you to the appropriate mental health professional.

Our common-sense guides are different than other contemporary counselors or coaches because we tend to be more essentialist in the way we evaluate problems of living. Because we are not relativistic, we rely on actual research and common sense to evaluate whether presenting behaviors are healthy or unhealthy and we advise people on better ways to achieve health. We notice functional and dysfunctional relationship patterns and work with people to engage in functional behaviors. We encourage responsible and ethical living based on common sense. We believe society has been infected by a poisonous anything goes ideology that has dumbed-down dysfunction.

Some might view our work as spiritual or moral guidance from a professional who has a traditional understanding of human flourishing. We are not social constructionists or moral relativists. We are not hostile to whiteness, or masculinity as some liberal counselors are. We believe ethnic pride and traditional masculinity are normal and healthy. We promote heteronormativity.

We will be glad to answer any of your questions about our understanding of what makes for a functional, healthy, happy, and morally upright life.

Prospective participants should know that state of the art research, common sense, and our formal doctrine inform our guidance. Our formal doctrine informs how we evaluate situations and construct interventions.

Our services are available to all people, regardless of their ability to pay. We accept donations from clients and third parties in lieu of formal session fees.

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