Our Mission

We strive to be honest and authentic people who choose responsible behaviors over laziness or selfishness.

We go to the natural world for answers and peace.

We work hard and we support the people around us.

We strive to be kind to everyone.

We avoid immoral behaviors and unhealthy living.

We avoid slovenliness, fakeness, self-centeredness, and rapaciousness.

We seek wholesome fun, engagement, and meaning.

We avoid vices and we pursue virtues.

We commune together with other well-balanced people to reinforce our commitments.

We sow the seeds of good living assertively and respectfully.

We go where we are welcome and move on when we are met with disdain.

We understand that every human relationship has eternal significance.

Our History

The Living a Good Life Church was founded by Rev Kev on January 1 2021.

Pastor: Rev Kev, Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Ministry

Rev Kev is a graduate of the Authentic Happiness Coaching Program, a positive psychology approach. Rev Kev also uses the title Old School Counselor.

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