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Our behaviors and beliefs

We strive to be honest and authentic people who choose responsible behaviors over laziness or selfishness.

We go to the natural world for answers and peace.

We work hard and we support the people around us.

We strive to be kind to everyone.

We avoid immoral behaviors and unhealthy living.

We avoid slovenliness, fakeness, self-centeredness, and rapaciousness.

We seek wholesome fun, engagement, and meaning.

We avoid vices and we pursue virtues.

We commune together with other well-balanced people to reinforce our commitments.

We sow the seeds of good living assertively and respectfully.

We go where we are welcome and move on when we are met with disdain.

We understand that every human relationship has eternal significance.

Statements of Beliefs

Important statement about the United States of America

We believe the United States of America is dissolving because it has become an unsustainable and dysfunctional multicultural empire. It is both morally and financially bankrupt. The American culture has become toxic for our people.

Thus, we favor the creation of new independent nations for the distinct cultural communities that are currently awkwardly trying to coexist as one legal entity. Some of these new nations will be full states. Others will be multiple states or smaller regions within states like ours. These new nations will emerge all across the North American Continent. Our church is one such community that is attempting to build a healthy nation for our people here in Western Maine. We are being proactive in anticipation of the inevitable dissolution of the United States.

We employ peaceful persuasion, non-participation, and the formation of parallel systems and institutions to build new capacities to hasten the demise of the United States criminal empire. As patriots, we have nostalgia and a profound sense of loss for our former nation, but we believe the country itself has become an unhealthy, foreign infection on all of us and we wish to get away from the toxins.

We are not promoting rebellion, subversion, incitement of violence, or insurrection against the United States of America. We want peaceful separation so that we can lead healthier lives. We join in solidarity with other separatist groups of varying perspectives from across this land that are attempting to build new nations.

We are not Anarchists. We are Nationalists. Thus, as legal citizens of the United States of America we obey all laws and uphold the Constitutions of the United States of America and the State of Maine. One day we hope there will be many new nations on this land mass that can live peacefully together under new governments. Until then we are dissident citizens of our current country.

Thus, if there is substantial interest in our mission, Living a Good Life Church will become the future home for a new nation in Western Maine. We would adopt a name for the movement that would come from the membership. We would join forces with other cultural secessionists throughout North America to reinvigorate a legitimate new American nation for our people. The foundation of the new nation would be the bedrock bio-spirit of our people and their core values.

We do entertain some slight hope that miraculous things could happen and the United States of America could experience a spiritual transformation and survive. Many of our affiliates have such hope. We shall see.

Important statement about Christianity

This is a church for rational people who use observation and evidence to attempt to understand the world. We believe there was likely an intelligent creator who began the world but does not intervene in its functioning. We believe Jesus was a revolutionary moral crusader who was one of the most significant men to have ever lived, but we do not accept the supernatural fundamentals about Jesus that are essential beliefs in Christianity. We believe those stories were added to increase the mythological foundations of Jesus in order to build the Christian church. Thus, we embrace the teachings and the role-modeling of Jesus without the divinity of Jesus.

While there are undoubtedly accurate accounts of historical events in the Bible, we believe the Bible primarily offers allegories written by great men that guide people toward more responsible living, what we call holiness. We do not believe the Bible is exclusively a literal record of actual events.

We want our Christian brothers and sisters to believe they have enough in common culturally with us to find community among us. We also wish to provide a spiritual home for the non-Christian’s among our people who share our culture.

We reject “feel good” Christianity, which incorrectly has people believing the function of religion is to make them feel good as they endure life’s challenges. We reject the equally unhelpful notions that prayer will always provide the answers, that everything happens for a reason, and that that God will provide what we need without us having to do anything to help ourselves. These are unempowering and irrational beliefs that people embrace to feel good during tough times.

People feel better when they reconcile their lives in the face of difficult circumstances, relying on others for love and support, and they do the hard work to become more resilient.

Important statement about coercion

Living a Good Life Church is for free, rational, people who wish to form a voluntary moral community as a model for a new nation. All participation is non-binding. Rev Kev is an idea spreader and community facilitator. There will never be any coercion applied to members of Living a Good Life Church.

Important statement about conspiracies

Since we are critical thinkers we are very careful about which beliefs we ingest. All of us are constantly bombarded with unproven theories from questionable sources of information. The process of cultural secession from dominant narratives can challenge one’s social moorings and open the secessionist’s mind to all sorts of anti-establishment theories. We tread carefully into these murky waters and use our critical thinking skills to arrive at our beliefs.

Important statement about the MRNA Treatment for Covid 19:

Since we follow nature’s laws we do not accept medical treatments that introduce lab-engineered substances into human cells that mimic natural processes. We support the development of herd immunity, which allows for natural resilience against contagions.

Given our beliefs above, most of our affiliates have not taken the experimental MRNA Treatment for COVID 19 that some people refer to as a vaccine. Research reveals it is harmful for a large percentage of people. We are concerned for our brothers and sisters that took the injections, often under duress. We are here to support them, but we also want to protect ourselves from exposure to the Spike Protein from the injections that may be an infectious agent via shedding. Thus, we encourage those that have not taken the treatment to be careful when interacting in close physical contact with those that have taken the treatment. We are following the emerging research on shedding carefully, and will modify our behaviors accordingly.

We are living in difficult times.

In the face of utter destruction and despair:

Some choose to join the ‘winning team’; These are normies and collaborators. Their participation, whether active or passive, facilitates destruction.

Others choose to die on the battlefield; These are martyrs and combatants of the dead-end culture wars.

A third group chooses to create; These are the people who survived and reinvented society after every destructive crisis in history. They are why we are still here today. They give to Caesar what is Caesar’s…and nothing more. They create life–children, plants, and animals–and foster an environment to support it both physically and spiritually. They create community–the bedrock of human achievement. And they create human dignity, which is essential to escaping this life with your soul intact. -Anonymous

Our History

Living a Good Life Church was founded by Rev Kev on January 1 2021.

Pastor: Rev Kev, Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Ministry

Rev Kev is a graduate of the Authentic Happiness Coaching Program, a positive psychology approach. Rev Kev also uses the online title Old School Counselor.

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